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Leah Lail

Date of birth: 28 December, 1970
Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Mailing address:
Leah Lail
10202 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

Leah Lail was born and raised on a horse farm
in Lexington, Kentucky, the younger of two sisters.
She developed a deep love for animals as a result
of her mothers work raising horses.
Her father is in construction, repairing roads and bridges.

Leah made her family aware of her ambitions
and her drive at an early age. "I always wanted
to go somewhere, do something. Thankfully, my parents encouraged me
every step of the way." Confident that higher education
was in her plan, Lail chose to attend boarding school in Florida
because she knew that the education she could get there
would better prepare her for college.
"Learning was the number one priority at Pine Crest (her boarding school).
Their discipline and commitment to education
gave me a solid foundation. Some of the most influential
people in my life came out of those years."

Combining her political science major and
her proficiency in German, Lail was able to land a college scholarship
to study in Bonn, Germany and work with the Social Democratic Party.
Though she didn't expect to pursue a career in politics,
her interest in foreign study was fueled by her love of travel
and her curiosity for experiencing all that life had to offer.
"I was living there at 18," she says.
"I traveled to the former Soviet Union on my spring break.
I was fortunate to do a lot of things
while young--and realized that I would hate to live my life regretting
that I didnt go after the thing I really wanted."

But the other string tugging at her heart
was the theater, having been introduced to Broadway
at an early age. Lail transferred to the University of Southern California
where she graduated summa cum laude with degrees
in German and theater, and a minor in political science.
Upon graduation, Lail left Los Angeles for an opportunity to study
with Bobby Lewis in New York. Following more studies
at the Lee Strasberg Institute, she began to win roles on stage
and television, and within two years of moving
to New York City, was able to support herself as an actor.

Leah has worked steadily upon returning to Los Angeles.
Some of her television roles include the wife of Hank (Jeffrey Tambor)
on HBOs, "The Larry Sanders Show" and a crack addict on an Emmy nominated
episode of "ER." She has also appeared on "Seinfeld" and "The Single Guy."
Lail also appeared in director Adam Rifkins feature,
"Denial," which debuted on Cinemax and starred Jason Alexander
and Jonathan Silverman. She is also very proud of her work
in "Late Last Night," a movie written and directed by Steven Brill,
in which she plays a stripper. Lail also had a co-starring role
in an earlier film that Brill co-wrote and directed
called "Heavyweights," starring Ben Stiller.

Her three passions are music, books and food.
"Give me a free day and youll find me curled in a corner reading,
playing piano, then cooking and eating a very lovely meal."

Right now, Leah is very content with her life and her work
on "V.I.P." "To be able to do 22 episodes a season,
keeping it fresh and developing an entire life for a character is a challenge.
But when things get to be a bit too much here, my impetuous spirit
takes over. Thats when I grab my dog and head off
to the highest mountain I can find."

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